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Business Continuity Telephone Failover Disaster Recovery

Telephone Failover

Disaster Recovery Systems 

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery- The RingCentral service is architected to support failover conditions in case of emergency. Our service is built with geographically distributed redundancy. Primary and backup locations remain online simultaneously, with a primary pod in active mode, and the secondary pod in standby mode. Database replication between locations is in real time, with failover being built into the service. If a primary location is unavailable, the backup location will continue service. In addition to infrastructure and application redundancy, we also have geographically distributed operations such that service operations can also continue if one location is not available.RingCentral Professional - Get a toll free number starting at $12.99/month
Telephone Failover Disaster Recovery systems are incorporated.

Application Security

Secure hash of customer PINs. Customer data is logically segmented in application databases.

Transmission Security

RingCentral utilizes SSLv3/TLSv1 to encrypt web session traffic.

Network and Infrastructure Security

RingCentral’s network and application perimeter is protected with firewalls and session border controllers. Administrative access requires authenticating through a production VPN gateway, then authenticating to local infrastructure systems. Only authorized personnel are given access to the production environment. Technology layers include intrusion-detection systems, system logs, and fraud analytics. Operational processes include system and service-level monitoring, system hardening, change management, and regular vulnerability scans.

Physical and Environmental Security

We host our services in data centers that undergo SSAE-16 and/or ISO 27001 audits.
Our data centers share hosted facilities space with some of the world’s largest Internet companies and financial institutions.
The geographic diversity of our locations acts as an additional safeguard, minimizing our risk of loss and service interruption due to natural disasters and other catastrophic situations .RingCentral for Google, Zendesk, Salesforce and more. 30-Day Free Trial!

Inbound call management Use with any existing phone system Toll free or local number for voice + fax Voicemail with free email delivery Internet fax - send and receive Advanced call forwarding Auto-receptionist Flexible answering rules Call queues Mobile phone integration Keep your existing number, at no cost Call Management Auto-Receptionist Extensions Answering Rules Call Forwarding Call Screening Dial-by-Name Directory Call Recording Call Logs Message Alerts Missed Call Notification Caller ID Control RingMe Voicemail + Greetings

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Grasshopper virtual phone system

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Best Hosted PBX Virtual PBX


Why Choose VirtualPBX?

Up and Running in 5 Minutes. The only thing that could slow down your new business phone system is deciding what to do with the extra money

Phone Compatibility
Quality & Reliability
VirtualPBX Awards
Businesses around the world make VirtualPBX their business communication choice every day. As an industry leader, VirtualPBX has won accolades from our customers and industry organizations, year after year – with over 30 annual industry awards. They  integrate with your existing phones and can affordably deploy VoIP to your entire company.
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VirtualPBX has been delivering innovative features as a top VoIP provider for nearly 20 years to meet the growing demands of business around the world.
 VirtualPBX has a wide range of capabilities that your business needs to be competitive in today’s market. •VoIP •ACD Queues •Call Routing •Follow-me (Find-me) call routing •Voice mail notifications •Call Recording
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VirtualPBX fits your business. Whether moving your entire phone system to the VirtualPBX Office or connecting your growing team on the go with VirtualPBX Dash, choose VirtualPBX today for your VoIP phone system!

•Seamless scalability, whether you have one or hundreds or thousands of employees •Robust feature set, beyond local telephone services •No hardware to maintain or upgrade •99.999% Reliability •Transparent status published online

Moving to a cloud phone PBX system lowers your business communication costs by as much a 40%-80% over traditional phone costs. With VirtualPBX Office and Dash Plans, those saving increase through the use of VoIP, distributing your work force easily with a range of flexible billing options. Experienced, Local Support

 In addition to our On-boarding Team, who provides training and assistance to insure your new cloud phone system is optimized for your business needs, VirtualPBX delivers industry leading customer service.
•85% of our customers recommend VirtualPBX to others
•90% of our customers are completely satisfied with VirtualPBX
•95% of our customers say they receive great customer service More Features, More Power

VirtualPBX invented the first virtual phone system and we’ve been continuously adding capabilities since. Their features are the deepest and strongest in the industry, including professional greetings, music on hold, custom auto-attendant, call forwarding, fax with no fax machine, TrueACD queuing, call recording, conferencing…the list goes on and on.
More Flexibility, Your Way Most VoIP phone systems work the way they want, not the way you want. At VirtualPBX, we’ve built in options and controls for every feature we offer. You can use our default settings or tweak the system to meet your individual needs. We also offer different levels of control, from simple users, to departmental managers, to systems administrators so that the right people can control the right things. Don’t let your phone system dictate to your business – make the business telephone system fit your company. Hassle-Free Setup VirtualPBX makes your setup easy – just add phones.

 Adding phones is equally easy through our web management tool – create an extension and add the phone number where you want to receive calls.

Web-based Management We make it easy to manage your VoIP phone system from any web browser through use of our intuitive web-based interface and context-based help system. Changes are made in real-time and you can tweak the system to fit your unique needs. No System Maintenance The hardware is installed at our site, not yours, so we do the system maintenance. And you’ll never be required to perform upgrades at your facility. Our phone system can accommodate any business size, and new features are added automatically and transparently. You’ll always have the latest features, but you won’t have to change your system to get them. Sign up for an annual VirtualPBX Office plan and get 10% OFF Setting up a phone system doesn’t have to be difficult. U.S. Veteran or Active Duty Military? Save 20% off Your First Six Months with VirtualPBX!
Telephone Failover Disaster Recovery systems are built in.
Theses are the reasons why we say Best Virtual PBX- Hosted PBX -Just do it.

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Grasshopper virtual phone system

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

VOIP Business Phones Replace PBX

Not So Much.
VOIP Business Phones Systems are the foundation of most free and low cost business phone systems today. Using only software and the internet, most if not all functions of the old ISDN PBX systems can be duplicated, plus many news ones, such as advanced virtual attendant and can use any ordinary phone or cellphone. Grasshopper virtual phone system is an example of a voip based business phone system which is extremely cheap and easy to use. A robust powerful system to meet the needs of a larger company is VirtualPBX, a voip business phone system virtual pbx system that is more expensive to use and requires some software savvy. A strictly voip business phone service using voip only is Broadband Phone Service but it is a physical installation so it requires a permanent location. Also robust and unlimited in growth potential for a larger business consider RingCentral Office - Your complete all-inclusive phone system. Try RingCentral free for 30 days.

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Grasshopper virtual phone system

Turn your device into a fully featured business phone extension for little to no cost with VirtualPBX! Click here to learn more!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What IS VoIP business phone service

So What Exactly IS VoIP business phone service?

That's a Great Question! With VoIP you can make any type of phone call using your current internet connection in either your home or office rather than using a typical phone line. Being that you already pay for this existing internet connection, no additional fees are incurred. (both local AND long-distance).
This Sounds Great Right? But What Does This Really Mean? Simply put, you will be able to place all of your local AND long-distance calls at no additional costs being that you are placing these calls using your existing internet setup, and not paying for an additional phone line. A way to think of it is this; when you send someone - a friend, colleague, family member, etc, an e-mail, you're not paying an additional fee to send this email, because it is sent using your internet connection that you already pay for....this is the same exact concept as VoIP. Most residential broadband connections can handle several voip connections simultaneously, and still leave plenty for other devices. Forward your voip business phone number, perhaps a n 800 or 877 number to a cheap throw away mobile and you have beaten the system.
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Grasshopper virtual phone system

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